Friday, April 17, 2009

New Haircut!

Okay, so about once or twice a year I get a really good (rather) significant haircut. I found this really cute salon just down the street from our neighborhood. Today was a great pampering day! At 10am I got my hair cut and then at 11:30am I had lunch with a new friend! We had a wonderful salad at this little cafe called "Cafe What?" I just love my husband for letting me have such a delightful Friday morning.

Okay - I know you're all wondering why I'm not posting a picture of my new haircut. Yes, I had about 5-6 inches (or more) cut off. And it's not for lack of trying. I took several pictures of myself - and well, just wasn't happy with them. I even took a few with both my camera and my cell phone. None of them seemed to do the haircut justice! So - I tried! I promise a photo will come later.

But for now - just know that the long-haired Penny that you know & love and is now stylin' a "new-shorter-new-improved do".


  1. Hi Penny, thanks for your comment on our blog! I will definitely send you an email soon... we're heading out now to house hunt for the day, but I'll be in touch soon. Hope you're enjoying getting settled here!!!


  2. yes, we do want to see the new do... alright a'ready...where is it. you know that those who love ya, will think it is just right no matter what