Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catching up! July Fun

I can't believe it's been since June 21 that I posted anything! It has been a very full month. At the first part of the month the kids went to Lufkin to stay with my parents - Grandmother & Papa for an entire week. They do a "Grandmother & Papa Camp" for all the grandkids. Each year there is a theme with t-shirts, crafts, lessons, songs and everything! And don't forget the field trips! This year the theme was Facebooks - they studied and learned the books of the Bible. They learned that they can see more of the face of God through the characters in the Bible. Jordan is still singing the songs that she learned about the Old & New Testament. It's quite adorable to hear her version of books like Chronicles and Ecclesiastes!

This was JP's first year to go to Grandmother & Papa camp. We were very blessed that he got to go! Thanks guys! But before we could let him go - he HAD to get a haircut. But this was not just an ordinary haircut - this was his VERY FIRST haircut. He loved the place when we first got there. He even loved getting up into the airplane chair. However, when the clothes cover was put on, he let us know just how much he did not want to be there! He pretty much cried throughout the entire process. Then when she used the shears that was the last straw. But at the end... we had a VERY cute little boy with a big boy haircut. I think even he liked it better than the long hair! I am totally in love with his new look!


Later this month, a sweet lady in our church gave the kids one of her old small guitars. They kids LOVE it!!! Every morning it's a rush to see who can get to the guitar first. This is truly a test in sharing for them both. Margaret-Mary gave it to them at church - which they both entertained their friends with their guitar playing skills!