Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"It's working!"

Well, what a week this has been and it's only Tuesday!!! Yesterday, Monday, August 17, 2009 - Jordan started Kindergarten. She's attending Atonement Lutheran School. In her class there are 24 students with only 7 girls!! I feel for her teacher!!! She did so great and looks adorable in her gray plaid uniform! John & I couldn't be prouder! She was so brave and strong - she didn't cry one single time! Me and John however, now that's a different story!

We had fun finding her desk with all her fun supplies already laid out and waiting for her arrival. JP had a blast playing in her classroom. I don't think he wanted to leave!

I got to stay for chapel on the first day and it was great! The principal gave a great message about deciding today what kind of student you're going to be! It made me wish I was a student all over again!


Now that Jordan was all settled in school - we initiated Operation Potty Train - for Mr. JP. It's only Day 1 of training and we're doing pretty good. I haven't lost my cool - even though I've either been in the bathroom with him or on the floor cleaning up accidents. He's had more successes than accidents which I call an overall victory! I think he grew tired of going to potty as the day wore on - I think he thought it was all fun and games before and as the evening arrived he was kind of done! But we're doing the M&M reward thing and also have fun underwear that have Buzz Lightyear and Lighting McQueen on them and that makes it all the more fun!

I think the thing that made me laugh the most was what he would say when he would find sucess with #1 in the potty - "It's working Mommy - It's working!" I loved it! Yes, you might even say that's a great theme for both of my kids for this week - "It's working!" Whatever I might feel about my oldest going to Kindergarten and my youngest seeing his last days in diapers... I think it's evident that what we're doing is working!

Sorry - no pictures of JP on the potty!