Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a typical week...

Well, I know I've been blogging about fun events that have been going on here in New Orleans - festivals, bible studies, Easter and the like. However, we do have some pretty normal days. Does such a thing exist? Normal? At least normal in the Franklin way... so I thought I would share a few of those moments with you all... Tuesdays have been tagged as "Jordan Days". Meaning she & I do something extra special and she gets to help me with a lot of other fun extra things. Here she & I made beaded necklaces and bracelets. We had so much fun!

Here is the finished and completed work of art. Jordan ended up making a beautiful pink and red set - adorned with pink hearts!

One day I realized that the kids were playing almost too quietly in Jordan's room. I must say - playing quietly almost NEVER happens! So imagine my surprise when I went to go check on them finding this! I don't think my kids are going to have any problems adjusting to Mardi Gras!

We typically try to narrow down "snack time" to just 2 times a day instead of "all-the-live-long-day" - and this is the result of having strawberries for one of their daily snacks. Who would have thought that 5 little strawberries could have caused this big of a mess!!! At least he really enjoyed them. Wednesdays are "JP Days" - and he wanted "more & more" strawberries! We had to change his clothes before we could go grocery shopping. Of course he had a cookie to top off the strawberries!!

Then finally today, Jordan came out of her room looking like a blast from my past! She's all ready for the roller rink! Only problem... she's only skated on carpet and our house here is "all tile all the time"! She still needs practice in learning how to skate - but at least she's going to look great while learning!!

These may not seem like "normal" days to everyone else - but we're sure having fun! Later today we're going to go clean out the car and take a walk on the levee (the kids' favorite thing to do!)


  1. How in the world did you manage pig tails two times??? Love all the pictures! Miss you guys SO much!

  2. Love Jordan's dancing in the pictures.

    And those Journey ladies are way blessed to have you.

  3. We miss you guys too! I do this blog so I can still share our life with you all!