Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crescent City Classic 2009

Every Saturday before Easter there is a 10K that runs through New Orleans. It's called the Crescent City Classic. Our church mans the 3 mile mark water station. Our entire family participated in this and had a blast. Even Jordan did her part. Here you can see her in an over-sized t-shirt. She had such a great time lifting up water cups to the runners. Almost everyone that ran by her wanted to take water just from her! It was so adorable!!! She said next year she wants to wear her swimsuit because she got splashed with so much water!

Oh yeah... during the race I got bit by a caterpillar! I know it seems strange - but it was serious!


  1. I had no idea caterpillars could even bite! That's crazy! Did it hurt???

  2. Yes! It was the craziest thing ever!!! I think it may even scar! The scar looks like a wooly catepillar too - like a tiny little crooked candy cane. It just now feels better!