Monday, December 28, 2009

Catching Up...

Okay, so Sunday night John poured me a wonderful cup of coffee and I got my laptop & found a cozy spot on the couch... all ready to get caught up with my blog - as promised. Then I realized that some of these old walls in our new home must still be plaster - for the wireless just wasn't making it to the living room. Strange - since it works all the way upstairs and outside - just not at that particular spot in the living room. So... I took that as a sign that I just need to rest and I would save blog writing for "another day".

I still am in total disbelief that I haven't written a blog since August! So much has happened since then and I'm going to do my best to give you the short version of the last 4 months.

Shortly after Jordan started Kindergarten - she enrolled in Kindergarten Soccer at her school. It worked much like Intermurals - it was just her class and they taught them the basics of soccer. For some reason we have been getting record amounts of rain - so we had make up dates for the make up dates. It seemed like they played soccer forever. But it was fun and I even made a few new friends with other Moms as a result! They didn't have uniforms, but you know that John wanted his little girl to be dressed for the occasion - so he got her a cute pink jersey.

In October, I had my 20 Year Reunion! I still can't believe it's been 20 years since I walked across that stage in my purple cap & gown! We had our graduation in the Exposition Center (you know, where they have the rodeo) and it was once said that we looked like a bunch of grapes in a cow patty! In preparation for my reunion I did Body For Life - a great nutrition and workout program. I lost 20 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 6/8! I debated on posting before and after pics - but landed on no. I'm still not where I want to ultimately be - so maybe I'll post pictures when I'm finally at my target weight. But John & I had a blast at the reunion. So many people look exactly the same - however there were a few that were total shocks to me! One of my dear drill team friends took a great picture of me & John. We rarely get our picture taken so this one has become one of my favorites!

Halloween - this year the kids got to have a wonderful Halloween experience! One weekend they went to Trunk or Treat at Jordan's school and then on Halloween night a family in our church invited us to go on a hayride through their neighborhood and trick or treat. What a blast! Jordan was a Lufkin High School Cheerleader and JP was a Cowboy. Of course, everyone thought Jordan was an LSU Cheerleader since the two schools have the exact same colors. But every time someone would say, "Wow, you're an LSU CHEERLEADER!" She would correct them and say, "No, I'm from LUFKIN!" Way to go Jordan!

In November we went to Lufkin for Thanksgiving. Every year the grandkids make these cute turkey shirts and then pose for an obligatory photo for my Mom. We frame them up for her as one of her Christmas gifts. I wonder just how long they will be willing to paint their hands for her? I hope out of love for their Grandmother they will do this forever!

Now we're to December... Oh what a month this has been!!! When we initially moved to New Orleans we moved into this wonderful little house in a community called River Ridge. The house was adorable but smaller than we were used to and it was only supposed to be a temporary living arrangement. Our realtor in Houston said she could have our house sold within 72 days. So I didn't fully unpack us at this River Ridge house. Most of our furniture and other belongings stayed in storage (a carport covered with several tarps). This 72 days turned into 8 months! Finally we have taken care of the Houston house (lease to purchase deal) and were finally at a place where we could find a more permanent home. I am so grateful for John's patience in finding us just the right home. It seems like we spent every weekend driving around to every part of New Orleans looking for a place that was just right. We looked as far as the North Shore (those of you familiar with New Orleans will know what I mean here) and even went to the Westbank to check out Gretna and our search even took us to Luling. Then, as I said John found a great home in Old Metairie. We are so very blessed to be able to live in this awesome home! It is very much like in scripture when God said that He was going to do something so great that the people could only say, "God did this" - well.... us living in this house, in this part of town is exactly this situation! God showed us His amazing favor and provided everything to fall into place where we could live here.

Then the crazy schedule commenced! We moved in on Dec. 5th and by Dec. 15th we had everything in it's place and Christmas Decorations up and had the Journey Christian Church Staff Party. The next night we had the Journey Youth Party and on Friday had JP's 3rd Birthday Party! Whew! What a whirlwind week that was!

I can't believe my little boy is 3 Years Old!!! When did that happen?! He was all about trains this year. I truly haven't seen anything hold attention like trains. He has already learned their names - his favorites are Thomas & Percy. Of course, I'm not sure who likes them more - JP or John!!!

I think that brings us up to date at Christmas! The kids had a blast having Christmas in our new house! We got to hang lights on the house and even blew up our Charlie Brown lawn decorations and put them on the big front porch. The kids every day would run out to say good morning to Charlie Brown, Snoopy and even Woodstock! It was so cute!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's been WAY too long!

WOW! I can't believe I have abandoned my blog like this! I am so ashamed! Okay, before the new year gets here - I am committing anew! This week I am going to spend some serious time getting this updated and back on track. So much has happened since my last post. New house, school events, birthdays, and Christmas! Don't worry - I won't give a blow by blow account of each day, week, or even month - but I do promise to make you feel caught up on our lives and what we've been up to lately.

But for now - here's a picture of the kids getting ready for the holidays in our new home!
Much love and more to come later!

ps - most of you have probably even stopped checking this blog since it's been so long since I've written - I wonder if anyone will even see this!