Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hang Time with Daddy

I love that my husband is a Pastor!  I love that he puts God first in his life.  I love that we can share our faith together.  There are some parts of his job that indeed are difficult and are not always comfortable... but one of my favorite things about his job is that we can go up to "Daddy's Office" and John can love on his kids - even if just for a moment.

This week we have a mission trip here from Ohio.  They are literally transforming our church as well as encouraging us in our work here in New Orleans.  They are such a blessing to us right now!  Yesterday we went up there to see all that they are doing and John was able to share a precious moment with JP while they played the guitar together.

I was really a very special moment.  I know John treasures these times with the kids.  It's such a wonderful thing to see and I just had to take a moment to share it with you.

What do you think... Preacher or Music Minister - which one is in his future?

A Mommy can dream right?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Snack Time with Jordan & JP

With 2 small children at home all summer there is a tendancy to have the "snackers" all day long.  Do you know what I mean when I say, "snackers?"  This is the VERY strong tendency to want to eat things like chips, cookies, candy, etc - all the live long day!

Now, this is neither affordable or good for my kids.  Plus, if I got up every time they wanted to "have a snack", I would never get anything else done in my house.  So, at the very beginning of the summer we established 2 snack times a day - one in the morning (9:30) and one in the afternoon (2:30).

Yes, my children even know the exact time that each of these specially prepared "meals" occur and I promise you when I say, they do not let me go one minute past!  It really does us both good.  It holds me accountable to stop what I'm doing and fix them a healthy & fun snack and spend a little time with them in the process and keeps them from snacking all day and eating us out of house and home (and as a result not eat their dinner!).

This solution has worked beautifully thus far in our journey through the Summer.  It's always a nice surprise to them what the snack will be and I love making them smile!

How are you getting through the summer?  
What neat tricks have you learned that you can share with me?!  
I would love to hear them all! 

(yes, the picture above is from today's afternoon snack time.  I know the pickle seems a bit odd and out of place - but they LOVE pickles and I don't always have them around - so it was an extra special treat today!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lordy Lordy! Looks who's 40!!!!

Today is John's birthday!  I can't believe he's 40!  We both feel so young!  Of course our 2 children - Jordan (6) and JP (3) definitely contribute to this feeling - but it still feels strange to say, "we're in our 40's!"  (I turn 40 in just 3 small months).

We have a really fun day planned if it would just stop raining!  I will definitely post more about this momentous day when it's over - but I just wanted to start the day blogging about the love of my life!

I met John in 2000 at First Baptist Church Euless.  He was leading worship for the Single Adults (about 350 in attendance!).  Now just to give you a visual... he had hair longer than mine, a beard, and had just finished a road tour with his band... yes.. he was a rock star in my mind!  And I even did that high school girl thing and imagined him singing to me!  And I can now say, as his wife of 8 years - he still gets his guitar out and writes songs about me!  It is as good as you think it might be!!!

He is my very best friend and I love spending my life with him! 

He makes me laugh hysterically...

He holds me when I cry....

He's a great jungle gym for our kids - even when he's tired...

And he can cook a mean steak - better than any Ruth Chris's, or Smith & Wellinsky's - I guarantee!

So, today, my love... it's all about you!  
Thanks for making my life so wonderful!  
Happy Birthday!
I love you!