Tuesday, April 27, 2010

JP's adventures

Last week I wrote about Jordan's School Fair - this week - it's all about JP. I think daily I'm amazed at how fast he's growing up. The things that he says lately are really both smart and funny! He definitely keeps me on my toes - every day!

Friday is John's "day off" from the office. We typically all take Jordan to school and then the three of us go out for breakfast. It's a nice time to give JP some personal attention - similar to what Jordan got before JP arrived on the scene. This past Friday JP wanted to get some boy glasses! He's been finding and wearing Jordan's Ariel & Hello Kitty glasses and I think he finally got fed up! He announced to us that he wanted some "boy" glasses! So as we were shopping for these manly glasses he found this orange hat. He put it on all by himself and announced that it fit perfectly and that he wanted to wear it home. I had to admit, I loved it on him! So I sent him, with the hat on, to find his Daddy (who was already at the counter buying the glasses!) John thought it was too perfect and he added it to the purchase!

After shopping for JP and some other weekend essentials - we found ourselves in a HUGE rainstorm! So we all went to Sonic for some slushes and corn dogs - to wait out the rain!

Later than same weekend - JP surprised us all with his bike riding skills! I think his training wheels are going to be short-lived!

It is never a dull moment around the Franklin house! I love it!

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