Thursday, April 22, 2010

The School Fair

Well... I was trying to decide what to post today about my wonderful family and as I sat at my computer - rather just staring at it - waiting for inspiration.... I landed on the title of my blog and realized that I started this blog to let family & friends know (okay, let's be honest - the grandparents) back in Texas - what life is like in The Big Easy - New Orleans.

Then it hit me! I haven't wrote about last weekend! Last weekend was Jordan's School Fair. Here in New Orleans, almost all of the private school have a School Fair. It's a fundraising opportunity for them. On any given weekend - around this time of year - you can drive down almost any road and see huge signs advertising their school's fair! They are much like a Texas Carnival!

Jordan looked forward to it for weeks & weeks. And then it happened... they began to bring in all the carnival rides to the school parking lot. Jordan was beside herself! Every day she would describe a new ride and share how should couldn't wait to ride it. There was the dragon roller coaster, the biggest & tallest slide she had ever seen and so many others. Daily she would give us a countdown as to the opening day of the Fair!

She did have a blast with her friends. We also got to hear her sing on the big stage along with the other K-2nd graders. What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Here's a video of her performance on stage!

The Dragon Roller Coaster...

Her singing on stage....

Hanging out with her friend...

The airplane ride....

Her favorite... the fish tank!

More fun friends!

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