Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crescent City Classic - Revisited!

Easter is always a busy time of year for our family. We don't have the luxury of traveling to see our family like most do - but it is always a special time for the 4 of us. We try to always do something that will truly make memories for our children. While here in New Orleans one of those things is the Crescent City Classic 5K Race. It happens on the Saturday morning before Easter every year. And our church has always had a water station @ the 1/2 way marker. Our very 1st weekend of living in New Orleans we participated and had a blast! This year was no different... well... except that our kids were a little older and could play in the water more!

Beginning of the race

JP helping setup the water station

JP loved watching the runners!

Jordan was my bestest helper!

Soon the fascination was with the HUGE HUGE water bin!

Jordan found us some more cups at a much needed time!

After the race... hanging out at the Degas House.

After the race - all wet!

The last "team" the run the race... brings a whole new meaning to "bringing up the rear".

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