Monday, August 2, 2010

They really do love each other!

I came downstairs Sunday morning to find my children together!  Sharing a chair and watching a movie!  I ran as fast as I could to find my camera - I didn't care about the lighting, or the staging - I didn't want to miss documenting the fact that they really do love each other!!!

In fact, after I took the picture - they asked if they could stay there for a few minutes longer before getting ready for church!  Wow!  I almost knelt down and praised the Lord right then & there!  I pray daily that my children will get along and not fight.  That they will share their toys and develop a great relationship with one another - and on this day - they did!!!  They shared a chair, space, and time together!!!

I did thank God for answered prayers on this morning!  Don't miss these beautiful moments with your kids!


  1. LOL. I feel very blessed and fortunate. My children rarely fight. They get along really well. So it is funny when people comment on how much kids fight. But, I do know that my sister and I fought quite a bit when we were younger. So it makes me feel better that my two lean on each other a lot.

  2. that is so sweet. having four i know what it is like to hear them fight and scream. so when you have one of these moments i understand it being an answered prayer. you have beautiful little ones

  3. They are just so sweet!!! I pray that my children will be close and good friends. I only have one right now and he totally gets along with himself, so far so good!! :)