Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Days in New Orleans...

I love it when you you can have one of those snapshot-kind-of-days!!!  You know... the day where you're getting stuff done and the kids are being great and everything seems to fall right into place?!

In reality, I probably have those more often than I recognize or take the time to celebrate.  My husband has inspired me lately (in his recent sermon series) to celebrate the ones I love more.  So... here at the family blog I'm taking a few moments in between laundry, groceries, and managing the "he hit me's and the she hurt my feelings" to celebrate my life!

The kids have been swimming or playing in the backyard, Jordan made her bed, JP & I played catch this morning, I've gotten about 3 loads of laundry completed (from washer to closet!) and worked on some blog time and even made myself a healthy lunch!

I do love my life and praise God that He has given me these 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband who adores me.

I would write more... but I'm already hearing, "M-O-M-M-Y!!!" from the stairs - so back to parenting I go and the To-Do List.  Thanks God for this brief moment to recognize the sweet spots in my day!


  1. Love this! God is good all of the time - I just fail to see that at times when I let my "busy-ness" cloud my view...

    Thanks for this sweet reminder!

  2. You are everything I ever dreamed of, and all that I never thought to hope for!

  3. Love the pics.. Reminds me of just 3 weeks ago when our backyard was abuzz with 4 grands. We have now finally taken up all the water toys to find dead grass underneath and mowed and put away all the outside "camp" stuff. it was so hot, but so much fun. I think outside time around 7:00pm was my favorite time. We could sit back and watch them make their own play. Who would have thought that the simple things in life are the most treasured. Just a few more years and we will have to find a different way to impact their lives. That's why Jesus said "suffer the little children and forbid them not." God is good, all the time. it just feels like He's not sometime. Regardless of what is happening.. God always has our back and our heart.