Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Fun Moments...

This has been a great week! Everything from fun new adventures outside the house to just cute things around the house. You can definitely say that our children are following their Daddy's footsteps musically - they both LOVE to play his guitar. JP though is the spitting image of John when he plays any guitar. Oh... and he calls it "tar" - it is soooo cute! I really think they could make a great new duo!!

One afternoon we made a fun craft for John. JP & Jordan painted heart shaped frames for Father's Day. They both really got into and and had a blast. Jordan commented that it sure is fun being creative! I'm really going to take a cue from this statement and we're going to start having craft time every day. I was most surprised at how well JP did with the paints. Yes, he mixed them - but he only painted the frame! All floors, tables, and furniture were left as they were before we started!!!

Also this week we went to the Children's Museum. What a fun place!

We finally went on a family adventure to the Lakeside Mall. We took a trip to Orange Beach Alabama to visit the Youth at Camp. So while we were in the Disney Store we found all kinds of great deals on swim stuff for the kids. Here is Jordan showing off her new duds! We'll post pictures of the actual trip later...

Again - we're loving being in New Orleans and all it has to offer. Plus, I think our kids have really adapted to their new home.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Jordan looks like an 8 or 9 year old in this last picture! She's gorgeous!! Glad you all had a great week!